join_stampMemberships in this organization shall be open to all who qualify under any of the following five classes:

A. Active Members – Those graduates of the college and seminary who have paid their annual, lifetime or honorary dues; they may hold any elective office or appointed position

B. Life Members – Those who meet the requirement of an Active Member (indicated above) and make their lifetime contribution of $1,000.00, as approved by the Association

C. Inactive Members – Graduates of the College or Seminary, who have not paid their dues of $200.00 shall not offer motions, vote nor hold any elective office or appointed

D. Honorary Member – Any recipient of any honorary degree from the College or Seminary or any individual nominated by the Board and approved by the voting membership. Honorary members shall be voting members upon payment of the annual dues determined by the Association.

E. Associate Member – Currently or previously enrolled individuals who are not degree recipients of the College or Seminary. Associate members shall have the privilege of the floor for discussion but may not offer motions, vote or hold office.

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