History of The Alumni Association of
The Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary

historyReverend Lynda Brown-Hall was given a vision in July 2010 to revitalize the Alumni Association of The Maple Springs Baptist Bible College and Seminary. She was excited about the vision and shared it with Reverend Marquez Ball who agreed that it was time to move forward with resurrecting the Alumni Association. They shared the vision with the President, Dr. Larry W. Jordan, the Vice President of Finance and Administration, Dr. Jerrye Feliciana, and the Director of Student Government, Dr. James Thompson, who granted them permission to move forward with the revitalization.

Reverend Brown-Hall began the organizational planning in October 2011 with invaluable input from Dr. Jerrye Feliciana and Dr. James Thompson. A kick-off fellowship was planned for the purpose of sharing the vision, disseminating information, registering members and launching a computer project for the school. Alumni, staff, faculty and current students were made aware of the kick-off fellowship via a mass mailing. Pam Smith was instrumental in assisting with this endeavor.

The kick-off date was May 3, 2012, and the response was great. Approximately sixty-eight alumni met in the fellowship hall of Maple Springs Baptist Church where they heard encouraging and inspiring words from the Bible College and Seminary’s President, the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Student Government Director. Reverend Brown-Hall shared the vision for the Association. Reverend Wayne Heatley led the group in songs of praise and alumna, Dr. Caretha Crawford, ministered in liturgical dance.

The efforts of the kick-off fellowship yielded approximately $5,000.00 toward the membership drive. The funds were given to Dr. James Thompson, Student Government Director, who generated an Excel spreadsheet and other necessary establishment documentations. An accounting system was adopted to be used for proper record keeping.

After a successful kick-off effort, it was obvious that is was time to formally organize the Alumni Association with elected officers. It was determined that the following positions were needed: President, Vice President of Fund Raising, Vice President of Administration, Recording Secretary, Correspondence Secretary and Treasurer. On June 1, 2012, alumni were informed of the need. Voting ballots and other pertinent materials were designed and distributed.

Election of the first officers was held on September 30, 2012. Dr. Jerrye Feliciana, Vice President of Finance and Administration oversaw the election. The following officers were elected: Reverend Lynda Brown-Hall, President, Dr. Deborah Boston, Vice President of Fund Raising, Reverend Wayne Heatley, Vice President of Administration, Joyce Frazier, Recording Secretary, Sharon Moody, Correspondence Secretary and Reverend Betty Crawford, Treasurer. The elected officers were installed by Dr. James Thompson in the absence of the President, Dr. Larry Jordan. Two of the officers; Reverend Betty Crawford and Sister Joyce Frazier needed to be informed of their election. Reverend Lynda Brown-Hall officially began her duties as the first President of the Association by expressing a need for a Chaplain. Reverend Leon Hatchet was nominated for the position and received a unanimous vote.

The newly elected officers were excited. Their first task was drafting a letter, with their pictures, to welcome alumni to become members of the Association. The letters were distributed in October, 2012. They were also tasked by the Vice President of Finance and Administration to revise and amend the previously drafted Alumni Association’s by-laws. This assignment became the first order of business at the first official meeting of the board of officers held at the home of Reverend Lynda Brown-Hall on November 29, 2012.

This first meeting formed the basic foundation for the Alumni Association with the officers now assuming the positions of the Board. The by-laws were amended so that they could be presented to the Board of Trustees of The Bible College and Seminary for approval. The Board also decided that the first fundraiser would be a formal banquet that would rotate between the alumni member’s churches. Since Pastor Anthony G. Maclin of the Sanctuary at Kingdom Square was instrumental in recommending his parishioners to the Bible College and Seminary, including his wife, First Lady Peggy Maclin, The Board decided to hold the first banquet at his facility.

The following are additional accomplishments of the Alumni Association (2012 – 2016):

  • Established email accounts
  • Obtained post office box
  • Established alumni database
  • Supported the annual Student Government events
  • Attended Howard University’s Community Day for alumni awareness and college exposure
  • Attended National Baptist Convention for recruitment of students
  • Assisted the Bible College and Seminary with TRACS reaccreditation process
  • Held membership drives
  • Supported the school’s radio broadcast – WYCB
  • Purchased computers for computer lab
  • Dedicated the computer lab project
  • Obtained recognition as an organization on Federal and State levels
  • Continued membership drives
  • Supported The Board of Trustees Walk-a-Thon
  • Amended the by-laws
  • Held first annual alumni honoree fundraiser banquet
  • Held Phone-a-Thon for support of Heritage Campaign
  • Made Donation to the Heritage Campaign
  • Served on the Committee for College Assessment Needs (Board of Trustees)
  • Implemented alumni scholarship
  • Continued membership drives
  • Held second annual alumni honoree fundraiser banquet
  • Assisted the Bible College and Seminary with TRACS reaccreditation process
  • Received resolution to operate as an independent Alumni Association
  • Purchased software for the school’s library
  • Continued membership drives
  • Served on Student Recruitment and Retention Committee
  • Held third annual alumni honoree fundraiser banquet
  • Established and awarded the Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award to six alumni
  • Held elections of alumni officers for 2016-2018 (September 2015)
  • Installed new officers for 2016-2018 (February 3, 2016)
  • Designed, printed and distributed vision cards
  • Refreshed the school’s logo
  • Engaged a web developer
  • Secured and registered the Association’s website domain
  • Acquired a MailChimp email account as a means of communicating with alumni, faculty, and staff
  • Designed and launched first e-newsletter campaign via MailChimp
  • Obtained teleconference number to be used as a prayer line and for meetings
  • Initiated plans for the fourth annual alumni honors banquet
  • Created Association’s print materials
  • Edited and reprinted the Association’s bylaws
  • Edited and reprinted the scholarship materials
  • Filled the vacant office of Vice President of Fundraising